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PfCONA was formed in 1985 by residents who wanted a forum for neighborhood groups to collectively air their concerns and work with the City Council to resolve problems. 

Its goal was to bring the community together. This goal continues today.

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General Member category is for an incorporated Home Owners Association (HOA) of a City of Pflugerville residential subdivision or an unincorporated neighborhood association of residents that holds meetings with the purpose of improving their local area. Usually the elected President or Board of Directors submits the application and appoints an officer/board member to attend PfCONA meetings and vote on PfCONA business on their behalf. Download a General Member Application which you may turn in with payment of dues at a PfCONA meeting. Dues of $12 per year (January to December) are paid by the organization.

If your neighborhood does not have an HOA or organized neighborhood association, PfCONA may temporarily recognize an individual resident who is an Associate Member as a neighborhood contact who agrees to be a liaison to other residents of an area. Contact an Officer to see if your subdivision has a General Member and complete an Associate Membership application..

Associate Member category is for an individual Pflugerville resident/household, business, or organization. Associate Members do not vote on businsess (unless appointed as neighborhood liaison.) Associate Members may serve as Committees members or Commitee Chairperson.  Download an Associate Membership application. Membership dues are $12 per year (January to December.).

Membership Dues for Council Members and Associate Members are $12 per year. Make a check out to "PfCONA"and give it to the Treasurer/Secretary at a PfCONA meeting. Mail your application and check to PfCONA, Box 679, Pflugerville, Texas 78691.

The Volunteer Opportunities brochure describes PfCONA's mission and activities. (This pamphlet is not yet updated to reflect that dues have increased from $10 per person to $12 per household.)

Find someone to contact if you have any questions.

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